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ADVENTURE STROLL Episode 5 ADVENTURE STROLL Episode 6 ADVENTURE STROLL Episode 7 Adventure Stroll Episode 1 Adventure Stroll Episode 2 Adventure Stroll Episode 3 Adventure Stroll Episode 4 CHALLENGE FESTIVAL Round 10 CHALLENGE FESTIVAL Round 11 CHALLENGE FESTIVAL Round 4 CHALLENGE FESTIVAL Round 5 CHALLENGE FESTIVAL Round 6 CHALLENGE FESTIVAL Round 7 CHALLENGE FESTIVAL Round 8 CHALLENGE FESTIVAL Round 9 COMPANION MATCH Round 1 COMPANION MATCH Round 2 COMPANION MATCH Round 3 COMPANION MATCH Round 4 COMPANION MATCH Round 5 Challenge Festival Round 2 Challenge Festival Round 3 Doing Your Best is Wonderful Don't Let Me Go You are My Love Give Me a Happy Ending In Each Others' Eyes MEDLEY FESTIVAL Round 15 MEDLEY FESTIVAL Round 16 Medley Festival Round 10 Medley Festival Round 11 One Dreamy Night Round 13 MedleyFestival Round 14 Medley Festival Round 28 SCORE MATCH Round 29 SCORE MATCH Round 30 SCORE MATCH Round 31 SCORE MATCH SCORE MATCH Round 24 SCORE MATCH Round 25 SCORE MATCH Round 26 SCORE MATCH Round 27 SCORE MATCH Round 32 SCORE MATCH Round 33 SCORE MATCH Round 34 Suki Suki Puwa Puwa The Same Feelings Unwavering Passion You May Fall in Love

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